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Author Topic: Boy do i have a story for you about this guy...H. Giovanni of Blacksmith Motorin  (Read 7510 times)


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The "headline" article at the top of the page mentions being selected to participate in a 2014 calendar so it doesn't seem to have been updated.  And going that long without an update is often an indicator that they are no longer in business.
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At the bottom of their website it reads 2015 and at the top right corner, if you hit follow us on Facebook, their last post was on February 27th which would lndicate that maybe they are still in business ?
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I can totally validate Yolanda's pain.  Her attorney has been working with my attorney for about the last 6 months.  I also have an unbelievable story about this guy.  He is a fraud!!!  I have driven him into bankruptcy and don't plan on stopping my pursuit until I take whatever he has left.  Anyone would be a fool to do business with him.  The motorcycle he FINALLY delivered to me over a year after the promise date was riddled with problems.  I have had to redo virtually every system on the bike!!!  He even delivered the bike without any gear oil in the Transfer Case.  Guess what happens next?  The bearings in the Case explode!
If anyone is interested, I will gladly pass along whole story of what I went through with this idiot.  I have a 16 page document that tells everything he put me through.  Would love to share with anyone.
Be forewarned, stay away from Blacksmith Motoring and  Hosea A Giovanni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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nice looking  machine